Many artists profess an adoration for music, but at the same time, very few hold it as a means of communicating, educating and taking their audience on an emotional journey like Hazem Beltagui does. Since his birth in 1988, Beltagui has been shaped by the environment Alexandria, Egypt has provided for him. He first developed a deep infatuation with music after exposure from his mother. This would spark a primordial love for music right away for him. Possessing a vast spectrum of sounds and influences, Hazem Beltagui derives inspiration from the plethora of music that has always surrounded him.
Beltagui, initially being immersed in rock and metal, first ventured into musical performance by attempting to become a drummer for a rock band. To his dismay, this would become an unreachable goal. Nonetheless, he would continue striving. Yet, with the changing tastes and culture surrounding him, it wouldn’t be until later that Beltagui would submerge himself into the world of electronic music. It was 2009 and Beltagui officially began on his path to becoming a world-renowned DJ and producer.
Through Tiesto’s Elements of Life, he was inspired to begin the process of learning to produce electronic music; with the influences of the greats at his side, Beltagui soon released his first tracks in 2011. It was then that he made a name for himself within the world of trance and progressive house music.
As 2013 rolled around, Beltagui released his first massive tune titled “We Are”. Upon its release, the track was met with critical acclaim and established Beltagui as a name to be remembered. This came with unquestioned support from the likes of Armin van Buuren who included it in his ASOT 2013 Compilation. The following year would see the release of his remix of Aly & Fila’s collaboration with Jaren, “End of the road,” landing him a spot on the Egyptian duo’s “Wonder of the Year 2014” countdown, clocking in at #28. 2014 also marks the year that Beltagui was ranked at #121 on the DJ MAG top poll.
As far as performances go, Beltagui has graced the stages of the ASOT festival for the 650 and 700 celebrations as well as FSOE events across the globe. In addition to his solo works, Beltagui has also worked alongside the likes of Photographer, Allen Watts, Ahmed Romel, Harmonic Rush, & more as a part of the producer supergroups of The Alliance & The Avengers. Unsurprisingly, Beltagui has drawn fans from all corners of the world, crediting his signature style of trance and progressive house. Beltagui even coined a name for his unique blend of sound which he calls “Melotrance”, and this is all just the beginning.
With numerous releases on several of the FSOE labels including the old Excelsior label, UV, and the main label itself, Beltagui is unquestionably au fait to music production. Several of his hits include mega collaborations with the likes of Rebecca Louise Burch titled “Lost Again” and the massive “The Wonder” with Jennifer Rene. Not to mention, one of his latest EP’s on the newer FSOE UV Reveries Act. 1, a melancholic masterpiece from the musical mind of Beltagui; the EP quickly became a favorite on the UV label since its release.
Beltagui is currently fully pledged onto the Future Sound of Egypt label. Now, with the full backing of the FSOE team and the quake of his new artist album VIVID, Beltagui is a formidable power house in the world of progressive music. Beltagui embodies the ideal that electronic music is more than just entertainment, for him, it’s a lifestyle and educational process. It is something that shows in the creative aspect of his music and something he will continue to showcase through his musical work.

Omar Gamal
Booking Agent